Mochi Donut

Business Hours
Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm
Monday: 8 am to 7 pm
Tuesday Game Night: 8 am to 8pm
Wednesday: 8 am to 8 pm
Thursday thru Saturday: 8 am to 11 pm
Speakeasy Hours: M - F 5pm to close, Saturday Sunday 12 noon to close.
Have you been to our Speakeasy?

In our Cafe we serve... Mochi Donuts Bubble Tea Korean Corn Dogs Bingsu Savory Dishes

Making Mochi Donuts is incredibly addicting!   Almost as addicting as eating them. Our Mochi Donut designers use flavorful ingredients rather than simple confectionaries to make your Mochi Donut experience memorable!

Mochi Dolci Matcha Bingsu


Mochi Dolci was founded in March of 2022 when we took over a restaurant space at 222 West 79 Street.  At our family meeting we decided to make mochi donuts and bubble tea for the neighborhood kids and always wanted a place for the parents to hang out.  Our two daughters, 11 years old at the time, conjured up the name “Mochi Dolci”.  Mochi Dolci embraces our ethnic diversity as Aoomie is Asian and Leonardo is Italian and also represents the Asian-Italian infusion that we put into some of our cuisine offerings.

Aoommmie designed the front have of the restaurant in a whimsical fairy tail theme with bright colors and florals.  Leonardo decorated the speakeasy in a steam-punk Victorian age theme where adults can enjoy fine dining and cocktails.

In our Speakeasy Lounge we serve... Full Liquor Bar Korean Fried Chicken Thai Dishes Bao Buns

Our Speakeasy Lounge is a magical place that can only be accessed through the pink telephone booth.  Enjoy a night or afternoon out with friends and enjoy authentic Korean and Thai dishes along with entertainment.

Thai Street Food
Thai Larb Gai
craft cocktails
Craft Cocktails
Thai Appetizers
New York Vibe

Guests Love Our Speakeasy Lounge because It is Romantic It is a Hidden Gem We have Karaoke

Why come for just desert?  Mochi Dolci offers both casual and elegant dining in our famous yet secret 222 Speakeasy Lounge.


Mochi Dolci Karaoke
222 Speakeasy


Play Video about mochi dolci bingsu strawberry
We had Nutella waffles and it was DELICIOUS! I do feel they need a much more noticeable banner tho. We passed by and almost missed it.
r1ca3d0_ h
r1ca3d0_ h
The bubble tea and pearls were great. Perfect mix of sweetness and taste! The mozz stick was delicious. I didn't like their signature, the mochi doughnut much though. It was slightly tough to bite and quite greasy.
Nicole Camm
Nicole Camm
Very good doughnuts! I did not like the black milk tea so I told the cashier lady and she replaced it with strawberry that was delicious. Such a cute environment and very nice people.
Anya Harms
Anya Harms
Great bubble tea and this was definitely the most wonderful colorful place I visited in New York!
Kit Parker
Kit Parker
Excellent donuts. Especially the lemon. Bubble teas are fantastic. Staff is well trained and very cordial. Parking available on the street by meter. Pretty cool place.


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