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Mochi Donuts DoNuts DONUTS!

Making Mochi Donuts is incredibly addicting!   Almost as addicting as eating them. Our Mochi Donut designers use flavorful ingredients rather than simple confectionaries to make your Mochi Donut experience memorable!



Mochi Dolci was founded in March of 2022 when we took over a restaurant space at 222 West 79 Street.  At our family meeting we decided to make mochi donuts and bubble tea for the neighborhood kids and always wanted a place for the parents to hang out.  Our two daughters, 11 years old at the time, conjured up the name “Mochi Dolci”.  Mochi Dolci embraces our ethnic diversity as Aoomie is Asian and Leonardo is Italian and also represents the Asian-Italian infusion that we put into some of our cuisine offerings.

Aoommmie designed the front have of the restaurant in a whimsical fairy tail theme with bright colors and florals.  Leonardo decorated the speakeasy in a steam-punk Victorian age theme where adults can enjoy fine dining and cocktails.

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Bubble Tea tEa TEA!

This is not your run of the mill corner boboa tea store.  Mochi Dolci is a custom tea shoppe whose staff takes every boboa tea concoction seriously!  Our bobaristas turn into mixologists after five and magically turn our boboa tea mocktails into cocktails….but shhh…its a secret.

Boozy Bubble Tea
Boozy Bubble Teas - Speakeasy Only
Thai Bubble Tea
Boozy Brown Sugar - Speakeasy Only

WHY Chillax? Decompress? Bruh Why?

The Experience

Enjoy Boba Tea in our fairy tail themed cafe. Come, sit and chilax!

We Deliver

Enjoy boba tea at home with friends, we are a short skedaddle away.

Family Run

We are not a chain or a franchise, just lovers of all things mochi, boboa and asian street food.

Savory Meats Dumplings Dishes

Why come for just desert?  Mochi Dolci offers both casual and elegant dining in our famous yet secret 222 Speakeasy Lounge.




Local Customer Anxiously Anticipating the Grand Opening!

I can't wait for Mochi Dolci to Open! Fresh Boba Tea and Mochi Donuts right in the upper west side!

Daniella Local Guide

These mochi donuts are great and I love bringing them to parties.


    We weren’t kidding when we said “All Things Yum”….everyone must try one of these Korean Hotdogs……they are a cross between the American Corndog and Heaven…. hog dogs, mozarella, or even Korean fish balls are coated in planko rice flour, either plan or a potato accent, and fried to a golden brown ready for the dipping sauce of your choice.

    Thai Chicken Wings
    Thai Pork Belly
    Korean Hot dogs
    Korean Chicken Burger
    Thai Noodle Soups


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