Mochi Donut

What's behind the pink telephone booth?

Our 222 Speakeasy Lounge is a gem in the upper west side of New York City.  Comfortable lounge seating with a robust sound system and tastefully decorated to bring our guests back into a bygone era of the Victorian Age.

222 Speakeasy
Gorgeous Speakeasy Bar
Sneak in past the secret door and explore a whimsical world inspired by the Victorian Steam Punk Age.
Epicurian's Delight
Enjoy craft cocktails and mingle shoulder to shoulder with some of New York's most interesting personalities. We are located in New York's Upper West Side, one of the most safest and trendiest hot spots.
222 Speakeasy Mochi Dolci
Craft Cocktails
Our mixologists and chef's take pride in their crafts with the goal of giving our guests a euphoric experience in both food and drink.

LIfe is Short, Spend some time with Us

Chillax in our Lounge

Our 222 Speakeasy Lounge was designed as a getaway from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.  During the day Guests come in for lunch, some coffee, to play board games with their kids.  At night the sun light exits the lounge and is replaced with neon led lights, recorded or live music and a full menu of great tapas.