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We love Mochi Donuts!  I am Italian and my wife is Asian and we love all things Italian and Thai….we decided to embark on a family business that the entire family can participate in and came up with Mochi Dolci.  Mochi translates to “sweets” in Japanese and Dolci translates to “sweets” in Italian.  We love our Community located in the Upper West Side of New York and hope give back to the community with Mochi Dolci.  We hope the neighborhood kids have a place to hang out while enjoying Boba Tea, Mochi Donuts and Korean hotdogs…..there is also a special place for the parents  in the back……   

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Leonardo and Aoommie


Leo and Aoommie conjured up Moch Dolci to give their kids and the local community an Asian experience without having to leave the neighborhood....hope everyone enjoys Mochi Dolci!